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Photoshoot Styling

Create brand images with wow as I help you style stunning photos for your products and services, either on location or with my own home as a backdrop.


Deerness Distillery

Overseeing a styling a photoshoot in my home, using vintage and cocktail themed props. Working closely with a photographer and the PR team, the images were used across the brand's social media platforms.


Parker Knoll 

Working with Living Proof (part of Parker Knoll) to create social media images to showcase its new collection. I styles each scene with an aspirational, family-friendly look using many of my own props to show off the sofa range to the full. 

E7B0F9A3-E045-40AB-90C7-4A1AC0C7DB34 (1).JPG

Magazine Shoot Styling

Styling and taking photos of a client's home for a four-page feature in a regional glossy magazine.


Harvey Nichols

Photographing all the social media and marketing assets for the Birmingham store, which were often used across all stores. This included food, hospitality, fashion and beauty shoots during my time as regional PR manager.


The Pressworks

Creating images and reels for the launch of a show apartment at this former warehouse in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter. The assets were used across the brand's social media.


Dr Jas Gill

Photographing all the social media and marketing assets for a new clinic opening. This included creating reels and images for her website.

Dr Jas main.jpg
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