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Best Bargains On The High Street

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

I'm one of life's great bargain hunters, hence my passion for vintage. But away from the pre-loved frippery I'm also one for trawling the high street on the hunt for homewares at an affordable price. Here I share some of my favourite buys for the new season.

Shelving with plants and accessories

B&M: The Eden Life range very much picks up on the trend for the biophilic. Think lush tranquil atmospheres with a modern twist designed to escape the bustle of life and feel closer to nature within your indoor space. There's botanical prints, contrasting mono abstract geometric patterns paired with natural textures and colour palettes. With prices starting from £3, you can shop the look here.

Yellow bedroom with tiger print accessories

George Home: As a lover of all things colourful, this new bedding collection makes me very happy! Red tiger print cushion, £7; monochrome textured clipped duvet set, from £17; pink tiger print throw, £22; natural round jute cushion, £12; Bambeko abstract hanging, £4; rust Greek mini vase, £5. Available online.

Glassware on a table

Wilko: Ribbed glass tableware always looks classy ... but it can be very pricey. Check out this collection - featuring different style glasses in grey and gorgeous amber - with prices starting from £4. See the range here.

Wallpapered room with blue sofa

Dunhelm: I love this wallpaper so much I have used it in my own home - the huge drop on my stairs and I had enough left over for my hallway. It's from Dunhelm's collaboration with The Natural History Museum, and the design is taken from one of the 162 decorated panels on ceiling of Hintze Hall. At just £12 a roll, its exceptional value. See more here.

Storage jars filled with pasta

Primark: Pantry porn (yes really) is big news on Instagram, as influencers share photos of their carefully curated kitchen cupboards. Trouble is, all that storage can set you back a pretty penny. Step forward Primark with a range of glass jars with bamboo lids, with prices starting at a couple of pounds. Available in store or you can see the complete Homeware range here.


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