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Creating Two Enchanting Spaces

Decorating a child's room offers an opportunity to create a space that sparks imagination, fosters creativity and provides comfort. However, it's essential to consider several factors to ensure a harmonious and functional environment for your little ones. Here, I explore the key aspects I considered on a recent styling project for Ava, aged ten, and nine-year-old Clara.

Safety First: This should be the primary consideration; choose furniture, décor and materials that meet safety standards. So get the basics right: avoid sharp edges, secure heavy furniture to the wall, use childproof electrical outlets, and ensure window treatments have cordless or inaccessible cords.

child room

Age-Appropriate Themes and Colours: Consider the child's age and interests when selecting a theme for the room. Ava wanted a more "grown-up" look, something that would take her into her teens without feeling too baby-ish; while Clara wanted bright and colourful, and dinosaurs! I sat down with each of them, discussed what they liked and didn't like - they both loved teal and pink - and then created my mood boards.

child room moodboard

Functional Layout: A well-designed layout contributes to the room's functionality. Allow for ample floor space for play, movement and growth. For both girls, I re-arranged the furniture to encourage independence and easy access to toys, books and clothes, with areas for reading and play.

Comfortable and Durable Furnishings: Invest in comfortable and age-appropriate furnishings that withstand the test of time. Choose a sturdy bed with proper support and add soft bedding and cushions for a cosy feel.

Stimulating and Interactive Elements: Enhance your child's imagination and cognitive development with interactive elements. A chalkboard for doodling and drawing is a great idea, while a comfy chair close to a bookshelf promotes reading.

Ample Storage Solutions: Children accumulate stuff ... toys, books and endless "things". Ample storage - from shelves to belly baskets - keep rooms tidy and organised (or at least that's the theory!). For Ava, I added a large chest of drawers, bedside tables and utilised the current alcove shelving. An over-bed canopy, complete with fairy lights, created the perfect retreat.

child room

Personalisation and Display: Let your child's personality shine through by incorporating elements that reflect their interests. Because the homeowner didn't want their rooms cluttered, each of the girls now has a pin board to put their favourite photos on. And I mentioned Clara's love of dinosaurs and colour ... well, I think I ticked all the boxes in her room!

child room

Decorating kids' spaces is an opportunity to create something exciting and functional that nurtures their growth and imagination. Remember though, it's a collaborative process so involve them in the decision-making.


Shopping list: Clara's room - Boutique Martha Duck Egg Floral Wallpaper. Bed canopy. Stella Star duvet cover. Jute rug. Wall colour in Blue 13 Matt Paint. Ava's room - Dinosaur duvet set. Plush dinosaur toy. Grace jute rug. Wall colour in Vardo.


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