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Creating A Fun-Filled Playroom

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

My latest styling project involved a playroom for a client's son, five-year-old Frankie.

Creating A Fun-Filled Playroom moodboard

For me, rooms need to have a certain longevity about them, especially when it comes to children. While Paw Patrol might be all they can concentrate on at the moment, in a few years time they'll have moved on to the next big thing and their once-favourite space will be instantly out of date. But one thing that never goes out of date whether you're five or 15 (or, let's face it, 50)? Superheroes!

With a completely blank canvas and a large space to fill, I opted for Marvel wallpaper - a great buy at just £9 a roll from Wilko - along the far wall and kept the remaining walls white. This created the perfect backdrop to my colour palette orred and yellow, with touches of blue and orange.

The red sofa was from Ikea (a bargain option but you do have to build it yourself) as was the beautifully coloured rug and toy storage. The super comfy corduroy bean bag was from Wayfair and the large black throw on the sofa was from Primark Home.

The tripod light picked up on the movie theme, as did the comic book art work - all from The Range - and the circus style lights added a fun touch.

Creating A Fun-Filled Playroom


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